The research of our group deals with fondamental as well as applied topics. Centered on soft matter and colloids in general, we have a special interest in model systems of biological membranes where we study their physical properties, the consequences of their interaction with membrane affectors, as well as liposomes in the context of encapsulation. We are further interested in monolayers and complex systems like water/oil/surfactant mixtures, etc...

Research Topics :
Physical chemistry of encapsulation techniques; model systems for DNA vectorization as well as parallel studies with synthetic polyelectrolytes as a model system.
Mechanical properties of lipid bilayers using giant vesicles (GUV); Interaction between amphipathic peptides or proteins and GUVs; the study of the dynamics of membrane thermal fluctuations using GUVs.
The stability of lipid bilayers against the introduction of membrane asymmetry (different internal and external aqueous phases, external addition of membrane affectors on liposomes)
The study of the relation between the microscopic characteristics of membrane molecules and the macroscopic behavior of the system (phase diagrams, mechanical properties, etc...).
Emulsions and the stability of multiple emulsions.

Key Words: Soft matter, bilayers, lipids, surfactants, peptides, proteins, DNA, polymers, encapsulation, liposomes, vesicles, phase diagram, emulsions.

Collaborations & Services
Our group has numerous instruments and diversified know-how. We encourage researchers from the public or private sector to get in touch with us to elaborate details for short or longer studies or services (the complete address can be found at the bottom of this page).

Soft Matter Techniques & Equipement:
Small (and medium) angle X-ray scattering, SMAXS (rotating anode and bidimensional detector)
Tensiometers (ring, plate, drop)
Dynamic light scattering and zetametry (ZetaSizer)
Phase contrast, darkfield and fluorescence microscopy, polarised light microscopy
Micromanipulation under the microscope & image analysis
UV/VIS Spectrometer
Osmometer, conductimeter, pH-meter
Sonicator, thermostated extruder, centrifuges, etc...

Prof. P. Méléard
Equipe "Physico-chimie des systèmes organisés complexes"
Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes
Avenue du Général Leclerc
F-35700 Rennes Beaulieu

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